Slice of Life - Writing with Humor

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers on Tuesdays.  For the month of March, I am participating in the March Challenge by posting a slice daily.

I want to be funny. Nah, not the class clown funny.  Rather funny with a pen or in my case, the keyboard.  You know this kind of person or writer. You both experience the same exact situation and when they retell it, either in person or on paper, it sounds like a completely different story.  Somehow they have managed to spin it in a way that has everyone laughing at all the right parts.   I shake my head wondering were we at the same party/meeting/get-together?

So, yes, I want to take an average daily event and retell it with humor. And do it with ease too. And maybe a little snark for good measure.  Is that really too much to ask? Of course, I am not asking to be the next Joss Whedon (Buffy) or Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) or Libba Bray (Beauty Queens).

Alas, I am not funny.  When I try to write humor, it falls flat. You might even say the humor gets lost in translation. Rather than snarky, it's mean.  I don't want to be mean. I want to be funny.

Just like there are days when I would like to be an extrovert, there are days I have to come to terms with solidly being an introvert.  There are other days when I just have to delete the attempts at humor and stick with the serious. Introspective, deep, reflective that I can do. But there is a little voice inside me that says "that's boring". 

It isn't that I don't see humor in life. I really do.  But writing it down in a funny way, yeah, that's just not me. So, if you are wondering why so many of my posts are introspective, serious pieces, well now you know.