Slice of Life - Showing Up

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers on Tuesdays.  For the month of March, I am participating in the March Challenge by posting a slice daily.

Showing up! Sometimes life calls us to take a risk. Other times, we find ourselves in a rut. Surprisingly both times require the same thing. It requires us to show up. It requires us to be open.  It requires us to have a little faith. 

Lately, I have been lacking in the faith department and hesitant to even show up. A kick in the pants or a push out the door can help in taking that step.  Other times just making a promise to a friend that you will do something is enough of a push.

Last week, I finally "showed up" with something that I have been putting off.  It was a small step. It was only the beginning. There will need to be more steps and definitely more faith. However, I showed up and was open and now I will see. 

Showing up! Sometimes just the act of showing up makes it easier to take the next step.