Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 17

How bad would it be if I shared that I was thankful for Holiday Movies on Hallmark? HaHa! Yep, I am.  Today, while I worked on the computer, I probably watched four of them.

Other things that I was thankful for today...

...hanging out with a group of fifth graders that meet monthly to talk about ARC's (Advanced Readers Copies).  We meet at a local bookstore and the kids read the books and give us their thoughts on what is coming out.  It is fun to hear what they think and see what they like. They are better than professional reviewers, and they really know what they like and don't like.

...leftovers and good friends.  As you can imagine, we had leftovers from yesterday's birthday party. Lots and lots of leftovers.  A few of us joined together tonight to hang out in front of an outside fire (yes, I live in Southern California and we can do this in November), talk, laugh, and eat a lot of leftovers.

....and since this is also picture book month, here is my daily picture book recommendation:

by Oliver Jeffers
Philomel (2005)