The Adventures and Misadventures Middle Grade Tour Spotlights Kit Grindstaff

For the next several days, I will be highlighting the amazing authors on The Adventures and Misadventures Middle Grade Tour.  Today I feature - Kit Grindstaff.

My question for all the authors:
A fictionalized character of you (as a middle grader) will be the main character in a book.  What author would write the book and what would it be about?

Kit answered: A girl (11), tomboy, self-conscious bookworm, in weird family with departed (but not dead) dad, escapes into adventure/mystery books, and then gets kidnapped by the characters! I’d have Claire Legrand (The Year of Shadows) write it because she’d make it appropriately whacky but with a lot of heart (which I needed as a kid). I think she’d come up with a great ending to get the main character (me) out of that book and back into the real world, having learned the confidence and courage to deal with it.

Check out Kit's debut book:

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