Adventures in 2013

Recently, I have heard a number of people say that they were happy to see 2012 end and were hoping that 2013 would bring better things.  I then saw a post on Facebook from my cousin and she made a comment about resolutions that really struck me. 

"If you made 10 and you kept one, then you were one better than you were the year before. Maybe you said you'd quit something or start something for the eighth year in a row, but this is the year it finally clicks and sticks for you. I say, it's best to approach each new year hopeful and optimistic that something wonderful will happen. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again."  
I think it is easy to focus on the 9 things that you didn't do or change and forget the 1 thing that you did change.  With this in mind, I want to think of 2013 as an adventure rather than a year filled with resolutions.  Rather than create a list of things I should be doing and then "beating myself up" when I don't do them, I plan to think about life this year as an adventure.  Life hasn't felt like an adventure in a long, long time.  Adventures are filled with hope, and a sense of excitement, and surprise.  It is time to get back to a sense of wonder and excitement.  The only condition for this adventure - to make the most positive choice I can make at that moment with the information I have or with what is in front of me.

My other plan in 2013 is to get moving more.  For several years, I have been plagued with some injuries and other issues that has undermined my attempts at regular exercise.  I am excited that my reading and teaching community on Twitter and Facebook is expanding in 2013 to include supporting one another's goals to get healthy and move more.  Thank you Franki Sibberson, Paul W. Hankins, and others who started #runteacherrun (which can also include #swimteacherswim or #biketeacherbike or any thing that will get us moving more).

So who is in for heading out on an adventure in 2013? Where do you think the road will take you this year?