Grandma's Pear Tree Part 2: The Author Visit

On Thursday, February 3, 2011, Suzanne Santillan made the trek up from San Diego to come visit students in Pasadena.  Santillan is the author of Grandma's Pear Tree a bilingual picture book that tells the story of what happens when a young boy gets his soccer ball stuck in his Grandmother's pear tree.

In preparation for Suzanne's visit, the children were exposed to the book not only through read alouds but also through a Literacy Café.  For more information about the Café, click here.  However, there was one thing that we didn't tell the Kindergartners to Second Graders about the book and that was the ending.  When reading the story, we held back the ending to build suspense and to allow Suzanne to reveal it when she came.

During her visit, she read the book aloud with young assistants and the help of props.  The children were very excited to finally discover how the book ends. 

Children had an opportunity to ask her some of their burning questions. 

And she even shared what inspired her to write the book Grandma's Pear Tree. 

 At one point, she had the children working together to explain the concept of teamwork and helping one another problem-solve - just like in the book.

We were so thankful that Suzanne was willing to come up and visit and share about how she writes books, and her ideas for new stories, and that just like students who have to edit their writing, so do authors have to revise their stories.  

Thanks Suzanne and we look forward to your next book!  Come back and visit us anytime!!