The Brain Lair Bookstore

In 2009, I entered the world of social media beginning with Twitter. I began connecting with amazing teachers, librarians, and book bloggers. We shared ideas and book recommendations and encouraged one another as readers. In 2011, many of us connected for the first time at NCTE's annual conference in Chicago. One of those amazing teacher librarians that I connected with both online and in person was Kathy Burnette aka The Brain Lair

Kathy and I at this year's ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. 

Kathy and I at this year's ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. 

Kathy and I have continued to connect online and in real life at various conferences. We have roomed together at times and I have been inspired by Kathy's love of reading and dedication to growing readers. I have also been in awe of Kathy's dream of starting her own bookstore and serving her community through this business. It is scary to start a business, but I have great faith in Kathy's vision and skill to build a successful business. 

This year at the Newbery Caldecott Wilder Banquet a group of us sponsored a table in the name of The Brain Lair Bookstore. It was exciting to see it on one of the slide and on our tickets and table tent. 

So, what is Kathy's vision:

The Brain Lair Bookstore will bring diverse books to children and teens so they can find their story. Read Globally. Connect Locally.

Though I don't live in Indiana, I want to be able to support friends doing amazing things to promote literacy and the love of reading. When I am able, I try to support teacher friends by sending boxes of books or donating to Donor's Choose Projects. Since this project is obviously bigger, I wanted to take some time to share about it on my blog. As you know, I have never asked for donations or even used sponsored links or ads on the blog. However, I believe so strongly in this project that I wanted to at least share this with you. If you are able to donate great, and if you are able to spread the word, fantastic. There are also some great gifts with pledges beginning at $10. 

Watch the video as Kathy shares her vision

For more information about Kathy's Kickstarter Project click on the widget or link below:

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Join me in spreading the word about The Brain Lair Bookstore Kickstarter

***Thank you Alethea at Read Now, Sleep Later for the inspiration for ideas and wording for this post.