Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge: What am I reading?

Recently, I have seen some Mock Sibert posts and I started to panic some. Though I have read a number of wonderful titles and some that I think have an excellent chance of winning a Sibert Award in February 2018, I am not ready to create my list yet. 

However, I wanted to pull together a post where I listed all of the "recent release" or "upcoming release" posts so if you are still looking for titles, they will be easy to look for. 

Click on the the links to take you to the corresponding post: 
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Checking out the posts of other teachers, librarians and authors who link up each week will also introduce you to new titles. 

For this week, I am sharing four 2017 titles that I missed in my release posts and wanted to get onto your radars. 

Becoming Bach by Tom Leonard (Roaring Brook Press, February 2017) - The illustrations in this book are beautiful. Though a bit simplistic, it is a nice introduction to Bach for students. The book does contain additional back matter at the end of the book. 

Birds Make Nests by Michael Garland (Holiday House, January 2017) - I was surprised by this one in a good way. In addition to beautiful illustrations, I learned quite a bit about the various nests that birds build. 

The Hidden Life of a Toad by Doug Wechsler (Charlesbridge, March 2017) - There are a number of toad and frog books that I like, but this is definitely a new favorite. Photographs and labels provide readers with strong visuals to accompany the text. The endnotes and facts provide readers with additional information. 

One Proud Penny by Randy Siegel; Illustrated by Serge Bloch (Roaring Brook Press, January 2017) - Narrated by the 1983 penny, readers learn about the history of the penny, as well as, the life of the penny. 

If you haven't had a chance to read these, check them out of your community library or look for them at you local indie bookstore. 

Next week, I plan on sharing some of my favorite nonfiction read alouds for the start of the school year. I have been seeing a number of posts about read alouds for the beginning of the school year and wanted to include some nonfiction titles in a sea of fiction read alouds. 

Don't forget to link up your nonfiction review posts....