Author Event - Pseudonymous Bosch & The Story Pirates

On April 2, 2013, Pseudonymous Bosch's newest book - WRITE THIS BOOK - was released.  To celebrate, Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena organized the event which was hosted at McKinley School.  This was definitely not your typical author event.  The Story Pirates performed an improvisational skit around the book.  For more information about the Story Pirates, check out their website.

The whole performance was done as an improv skit with suggestions from children who were in attendance.  I have seen various other improvisational performances before but I truly give kudos to the Story Pirates.  Incorporating the ideas of the young audience into the skit was not easy, but the performers were amazing.

Isn't this "plot map" fabulous?!  I want one. Part of the skit incorporated a lesson in various elements of storytelling.  The car moved around as those elements were mentioned.

Here is a short clip of the Story Pirates as they perform WRITE THIS BOOK...

Here one of the performers is encouraging the audience to provide suggestions for the next part of the skit.

As characters were added to the skit (thanks to the suggestions from the audience), clothing changes were made.

And made again...

And, well, again...

Here the Story Pirates turn their skit about WRITE THIS BOOK into a musical...

At one point in the improv, the topic of genre came up.  Below is a picture of a "genre wheel".  I so want one of these.  Brilliant way of creating one.

A student from McKinley came up and had a chance to "spin the wheel".  The genre selected was then incorporated into the skit.

At the end, the Real Pseudonymous Bosch arrived and set everyone straight. 

Here is Pseudonymous Bosch signing books.

Jax (she helped me write the review of WRITE THIS BOOK) & her friend Ella had a chance to take a picture with Pseudonymous Bosch.  Of course, pictures were taken in Bosch's trademark style. :-)

This was one of the best author events that I have ever attend.  Thank you to Pseudonymous Bosch, the Story Pirates, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, Vromans Bookstore, and McKinley School for creating such a memorable event.

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