Celebrate This Week: Read Alouds

It has been months since I have had a chance to do a Celebrate this Week Post. However, what better way to celebrate than to celebrate with read alouds. This past week was a huge week for read alouds. It's my favorite week of the year because I get to go into so many classes and read to students and share new books. 

First up, #SpecialDeliveryDay - Macmillan coordinated a special event around the release of Special Delivery written by Philip C. Stead and Illustrated by Matthew Cordell. 

The Special Delivery book arrived wrapped in brown packing paper, with a special message from Philip C. Stead. There were also beautiful postcards that students wrote messages to students in another city. Two of my classes were paired with two of Sherry Gick's classes at her school. 

Above some second graders write about what they would like to send to a friend. 

In the afternoon, I spent time sharing the book with a class of kindergarteners.  They worked hard with the help of their teacher to write notes about what they want to mail to someone. 

On Wednesday, I had a chance to share with students about World Read Aloud Day as I stopped by to read for Read Across America Week. 

World Read Aloud Day is still new for many of the teachers and schools that I work with. As I went into various classrooms to read, I talked about the importance of learning how to read and how not all children have the opportunity to learn to read. Though we didn't have a lot of time to discuss this important issue, I hope it starts to bring an awareness of Global Literacy and the right for all to learn how to read.

My read aloud choices included:

The 2015 Caldecott Winner - The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat.

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña; Illustrated by Christian Robinson 

Raindrops Roll By April Pulley Sayre - I actually had to leave this book with the kindergarten teacher. Her students were so fascinated with the photographs that I had trouble getting through the book. I decided the students needed more time with this one. 

Finally, Read Across America is celebrated on different days by the elementary schools in our District making it Read Across America Week. 

One of our elementary schools had the best decorations and snacks. The green eggs and ham made from m&m's and pretzels were super tasty. 

Some of my additional read aloud choices included

Zombie in Love 2+1 by Kelly DiPucchio; Illustrated by Scott Campbell was a popular book with students. 

Rodeo Red by Maripat Perkins; Illustrated by Molly Idle was one of the most popular read alouds of the whole week. 

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman; Illustrated by Zachariah OHora was as popular with students as Rodeo Red

The 2015 Schneider Family Book Award Winner for Young Child - A Boy And A Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz; Illustrated by Catia Chien was well received by students. 

The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle by Jude Isabella; Illustrated by Simone Shin - This was a great book for introducing students to a way that a donation of a bicycle made a huge difference in the lives of those living in another country. 

How to Read a Story by Kate Messner; Illustrated by Mark Siegel - Popular with teachers and students.

I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal; Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld  

As I read aloud to classes this week, I remembered why I love reading to classes. Aside from being enjoyable and a lot of fun, I find that I learn a lot by how students respond to the books and to the questions being asked. Even when I am reading with students for pure fun, I find that I am monitoring student reactions and thinking about how I can use what I am learning to pick new books or support student learning.  Every time I read aloud, I have no doubt that it is an important part of getting to know students, building community and shared experiences, and more.

Yes, I am celebrating read alouds but I am also celebrating learning.