Gift Ideas for book lovers, Part 2: Bookends, Bookshelves, & more

Last Friday, I shared my first list of gift ideas for book lovers. The series continues with more recommendations.

The holiday season is upon us, and that means not only gift-giving but also gift-purchasing; here are some great gift ideas gifts for the book lover in your life (in no particular order):


These super cute children's bookends are an adorable addition to any young child's bookshelf. From top right, going clockwise:

What better to hold your books in place than...other books? These ceramic bookends are hollow and open at the top, perfect for storing bookmarks. Preference for Self Reference Bookends from Modcloth.

Any of these bookends would make great gifts for those who have large travel sections in their home library. Train Bookends, Clipper Ship Bookends, and Airplane Bookends are all available from Etsy.

These Cog Bookends and Edison Lamp Bookends (both from Etsy) are perfect for book-lovers who have a flair for steampunk.

Bryant and Whittier Bookends - perfect for poetry lovers. Available from Etsy.

These delightfully nerdy bookends are available from Think Geek. From top right, clockwise:


Yet another great present for Austen fans (...guess who my favorite 19th century author is!). Six Austen Bookmarks, from Etsy.

Lovely wood Harry Potter Bookmark, from Etsy.

Gorgeous gold celtic bookmark from Primitive Earth Beads.

For those of us who enjoy reading in bed. You fell asleep Here bookmark, from Etsy.

Pretty brass feather bookmark from Etsy. 


Quite possibly the coolest bookshelves ever invented. Floating Bookshelves from Amazon. 

...But this may be even better. Custom Book Rack from Etsy.

I hope that these gift ideas have been helpful. You can expect part 3 soon! Happy Holidays! -Carolyn.