Thank you Katherine Applegate

Last Wednesday, we had a special visitor in our Literacy Café, author Katherine Applegate.

 Five special readers were lucky enough to have lunch with Katherine where she shared with them about her first rejection letter, what kinds of notes her editor writes on her manuscripts, and all the books that she has written.  She also brought them each a stuffed silverback Gorilla with a special T-shirt that said "The One and Only Ivan".

After lunch, about 18 students from grades 1 to 5 had the opportunity to come into the Literacy Café for a special writer's workshop.

Katherine shared about her research for The One and Only Ivan.  And she told them all about how she creates her characters, and figures out the setting and the plot.  I loved that she referred to the plot as a "what if..." as in "What if your principal turned into a cat?"

Students had an opportunity to create some of their own characters, and figure out where their story would take place, and decide on their "what if's".  While they were doing this, Katherine came around and chatted with them.

I know that if I had been 10 years old and having lunch with Katherine Applegate or having her give me feedback on my story idea that I would be in some kind of book heaven.  Hey, I am way older than 10 and I was in some kind of book heaven as I watched the students enjoying their time with our very special visitor.

Katherine is truly wonderful and we love Ivan over at my school.  We are also thankful to Kris and Maureen from Once Upon a Time for helping to arrange for the visit and for providing volunteer help and ordering all of the books.  You ladies rock!

Check out the animoto of Katherine's visit and don't forget to order of copy of The One and Only Ivan from your local Independent Bookstore.