San Rafael School Celebrates Books 2011

Everyone seems to do an end of the year video capturing the images of the year.  I decided to do a video thank you to all of the authors and illustrators who gave time and energy to share something of themselves and their books with the students at my school. 

As a result of these amazing authors & illustrators who have visited the school, our students are showing more and more interested in reading and books.  Thank you for being "rock stars" to children. 

Special Thank You's to:

Suzanne Santillan (Grandma's Pear Tree)
James Burks (Gabby & Gator)
Danika Dinsmore (Brigitta of the White Forest)
Bill Thomson (Chalk)
Candace Ryan (Animal House)
Kate Messner (Marty McGuire)
Jenni Holm (Turtle in Paradise)*
Riley Carney (The Fire Stone)*
Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson (The Familiars)
Laurel Snyder (Bigger Than A Breadbox)
Peter Brown (You Will Be My Friend)
Jenny Slate & Dean Fleisher-Camp (Marcel the Shell)**
Scott Campbell (Zombie in Love)
Oliver Jeffers (Stuck)

And to our Skype friends:
@mrschureads & his students
@shannonmmiller & her students*
@akgal68 & her students*

*Unfortunately, I don't seem to have photos of these visits. I promise to do better with picture taking in 2012.   I still greatly appreciate their time & effort. 
**I couldn't seem to find a dedicated website for the book. 


Skyping with Author Laurel Snyder

To celebrate the release of her new book Bigger Than a Bread Box, author Laurel Snyder is skyping with classes all across the United States.  Today, she skyped with Ms. Debbie's 4th graders at my school.  The students in the class are currently reading the book and were very excited to get to virtually meet Laurel.  She shared with students about how she started writing and what brought her to write for middle grade students.  And she also read a little from her new book.  Students reported later that they loved hearing her read from the book.
While we were visiting with Laurel, we even got to meet her cat and dog who both had cameo appearances as themselves.

Students had an opportunity to ask lots of questions which Laurel so graciously and patiently answered.  If I had let them, I am certain that they would have asked her questions for hours.  They were very impressed that it took 50 submissions before her first book was finally published.  I reminded them that the next time their teacher asked them to revise a report they should think about all the revision Laurel had to make.

Bigger Than a Bread Box, Vroman's Bookstore

So from the students in Ms. Debbie's 4th grade class in Pasadena, CA - we would like to thank Laurel Snyder for visiting with us and we wish her a very happy book birthday!!!!  If you live in Pasadena, stop by Vroman's and pick up your own copy of Bigger Than a Bread Box.  If you are not in the area, look for Laurel Snyder's new book at your school or public library.  And remember, when possible - shop at your local independent bookstore.