School Author Visit - Molly Idle

One of my favorite things to do is invite authors to schools.  Watching the interactions between students and an author brings a smile to my face every time.  This time, I had the great opportunity of spending the day with author/illustrator, Molly Idle.

My first stop with Molly was at Don Benito Elementary School in Pasadena.  Here is Molly with her welcome sign.

Principal Julie Reynoso introduces Molly to her Kindergarten and First Grade Students. Everyone was really excited.

Molly kicked off the visit with a slideshow. We learned about how Molly, as a child, had aspirations of becoming a writer and illustrator.

Molly has such a wonderful warm personality and connected beautifully with students.

She gave students a drawing demonstration. Here is a flamingo and a bee.

Students also had a chance to ask Molly questions about writing, and how books are created.  There was a lot of interest in the actual way books are produced.

Molly also got a chance to sign a stack of books.  Thank you Joey and Kris from Once Upon a Time for coming out and helping with book sales.

After the morning visit, Molly and I stopped by The Little Flower Café to pick up lunch. It is one of my favorite places and I think Molly loved it too.  After a quick lunch, Molly had a chance to meet up with a small group of high school students who are interested in careers as illustrators or cartoonists. 

After chatting with the high school students, Molly did another school visit at Norma Coombs Alternative School.  Principal Jennifer Smith introduces Molly to her students.

Molly again shared about her childhood.  I loved the pictures of a very young Molly already showing signs of being a future illustrator.

If you haven't read Tea Rex or Flora and the Flamingo, look for copies at your local independent bookstore.

Thank you Molly for coming out and spending the day with me and several of the schools I work with.

Tea with Molly Idle

On April 9th, Viking Juvenile/Penguin released Molly Idle's new book Tea Rex.  It is a charming story of a little girl who invites Tyrannosaurus Rex to tea.  On Friday, April 12th, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend afternoon tea with no other than Molly Idle and some local booksellers and librarians.  The tea was held at the very lovely Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California.   

Before reading the rest of the post, please check out the official Book Trailer of Tea Rex:

At each seat, guests found a lovely menu for the day's tea along with a complimentary copy of Molly's book.  

Each of us had these beautiful name tags.  Here is Molly's.

The food came out in two waves.  First, the sandwiches and then the desserts and scones. 

I had the good fortune to be seated right next to Molly. 

During tea, Molly shared about her road to becoming a children's book author and illustrator.  She also shared about how her son asked her one day if "dinosaurs liked crumpets" which inspired this story.  I also found it fascinating to hear her share about her research of Emily Post's Etiquette Rules.  Molly was charming and very entertaining.

Molly took time to sign everyone's copy of Tea Rex.

Here is my book...Thanks Molly.

Of course, we had to take a group photo. 

Thank you Nicole White (Penguin Sales Rep Extraordinaire) and Penguin Publishers for inviting me and for arranging such a special afternoon for all of us.

Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

Chronicle Books is one of those publishers that I count on to produce fun, creative books.  Sometimes those books are oversized.  Sometimes they have flaps, or pieces to open up or unfold.  I call these books "surprises on the inside".   The latest of these books:

Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

From the publisher: In this innovative wordless picture book with interactive flaps, Flora and her graceful flamingo friend explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized dance. With a twist, a turn, and even a flop, these unlikely friends learn at last how to dance together in perfect harmony. Full of humor and heart, this stunning performance (and splashy ending!) will have readers clapping for more! 

Molly Idle began her career as an artist working for DreamWorks Feature Animation, and from there she leapt into the world of children’s books. She lives in Tempe, Arizona.

Here's the Official Book Trailer - once you finish watching, go look for this at your local independent bookstore.