Book Review - Can We Save The Tiger?

Author: Martin Jenkins
Illustrated:  Vicky White
Publisher: Candlewick Press (February 22, 2011)
Audience: Ages 6 to 10
Source: Personal Copy
Non-Fiction * Elementary * Endangered Animals

Description from GoodReads:
Tigers are pretty special — and so are ground iguanas and partula snails and even white-rumped vultures. But these and many other animals are in danger of disappearing altogether, joining the dodo, the marsupial wolf, the great auk, and countless other animals we will never see again. Using the experiences of a few endangered species as examples, Martin Jenkins highlights the ways human behavior can either threaten or conserve the amazing animals that share our planet. Vicky White’s stunning portraits of rare creatures offer a glimpse of nature’s grace and beauty — and give us a powerful reason to preserve it.

It has taken me several months to track this book down. I had heard about it from various teachers and librarians, but none of my local booksellers or libraries had a copy of it.  Just as I was about to order it on-line, I finally came across an actual copy of the book.  While flipping through the book, I was amazed with the illustrations.  Jenkins and White have created an absolutely gorgeous non-fiction picture book focused on a variety of endangered animals.

Can We Save The Tiger? begins by sharing with the reader several animals that will never be seen because they are extinct.  Near each animal illustration are brief facts about the animal.  Jenkins then moves to animals that are endangered.  In simple, concise explanations, the author explains why these animals have been hunted or become endangered and what efforts are being made to save them.  White's illustrations are amazing and bring the text to a new level.

Can We Save The Tiger? will be a great addition to any classroom or  school library.  I'm glad that I finally found this book, and it was well worth the effort it took to find it. If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to find this one and add it to your collection.