Book Review: Water Sings Blue

Author:  Kate Coombs
Illustrator: Meilo So
Publisher: Chronicle Books (March 14, 2012)
Source: Copy for Review
Audience: Elementary
Poetry * Sea Life

Description of the book from the Publisher:
Come down to the shore with this rich and vivid celebration of the ocean! With watercolors gorgeous enough to wade in by award-winning artist Meilo So and playful, moving poems by Kate Coombs, Water Sings Blue evokes the beauty and power, the depth and mystery, and the endless resonance of the sea. 

My thoughts on the book
April is National Poetry Month and if you are looking to add a new book to your collection may I suggest Kate Coombs' Water Sings Blue

I will be the first to say that I came to the world of poetry late in the game.  Most poetry made my head spin.  I am thankful to some of my colleagues who were able to introduce me to poetry that made sense and were accessible for both me and my students.  With this said, if you specialize in poetry, check this one out for yourself.  For the rest of you, know that I am sharing what I like.  I love oceans and sea life.  I love Meilo So's beautiful watercolor paintings that capture the image and mood of Coombs' words.  And I truly enjoyed the various poems that are gathered together in this collection.

As I flipped through the book for the fifth or sixth time, I had trouble picking out a favorite poem.  The vertical spread of a large whale and sinking ship captured my eye from a visual perspective.  The poem Octopus Ink grabbed me from a different perspective.  And Ocean Realty simply made me laugh.

May you enjoy this book as you explore the world of poetry with your students this month and in the future. 

For more information about Kate Coombs, click here to go to her website.