Book Review - Doctor Who: Where's the Doctor

Illustrator/Creator: Jamie Smart
Publisher: Penguin Group (UK) (Release date: July 31, 2012)
Audience:  Ages 4 and up
Source: Personal Copy

Description from GoodReads:
Where is the Doctor? The time travelling Time Lord could be anywhere in time and space in these incredibly detailed intergalactic images. Search through the Cybermen, dig through the Daleks and ogle the Ood to find the Doctor and his friends!

My thoughts on the book:
During my first visit to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in Redondo Beach, I discovered that there is a play on Where's Waldo? featuring Doctor Who.  I first discovered Doctor Who years ago when my mother started watching the original series.  I always found it interesting that my non-geek, non-Science Fiction loving mother watched Doctor Who.  The few episodes I watched with her were interesting albeit very campy but I could see the reason for a cult following.  In more recent years, Doctor Who has been revamped to be a bit more appealing to a whole new audience.  I will admit that though I have watched a number of episodes and do have some favorites I am no where near an expert as some of my friends.  The reason I share this information is that I want readers to know why this will be a more picture oriented review than lots of text. I would hate to offend a true fan of Doctor Who.  

So here goes...

Do you think this Doctor Who caricature is David Tennet or Matt Smith or some combination? My vote is Matt Smith. 

Seriously, a table of contents?! This is for those of us who cannot accurately identify all of the aliens and creatures.  It is like our own personal cheat sheet.

Not only are you searching for The Doctor, but you have to find The Tardis, Amy and Rory, plus a few others items.  I personally love that Amy and Rory are included in this.

The Daleks!!!! In my opinion, there is no way that you can have a Doctor Who book and not include The Daleks. 

Don't you just love Jamie Smart's illustrations?  I wonder if he can do a Doctor Who graphic novel for young children? I'd buy it.

In case there isn't enough of a challenge looking for The Doctor, The Tardis, Amy and Rory, there is a checklist at the end for each two page spread.

The final page has one of those "Spot the Difference" comparison pictures.  I bet you can spot one of the differences even from the small picture above.

Thank you Penguin UK for publishing Where's The Doctor? I already have friends wanting to pick up copies of this book.  When looking to purchase a copy of the book, don't forget to support your local Indie Bookstores when possible.