Book Review - Once In A Full Moon

Author: Ellen Schreiber
Publisher: Kate Tegen Books (December 28, 2010)
Audience: Young Adult
Source: For Review (Dark Days Supernatural Tour)

The story:

Celeste Parker has a pretty good life. She lives with both her parents in a four bedroom house in Eastside, the good part of town. She has two best friends with whom she is super-close and is dating the most popular boy in school, Nash. Sure, she’s not really in love with Nash, but it’s a nice, normal life.

Celeste’s nice, normal life, however, changes dramatically after a visit to the local psychic who warns Celeste, “Beware of the woods.. of the sounds of howling. There could be outsiders who will turn... underneath the glow of the full moon.” Celeste doesn’t really believe in the prediction until she gets caught in the woods during a freak snow storm and ends up surrounded by wolves. Things look pretty bleak for Celeste until Brandon, the sexy new boy in school from the wrong side of town, jumps in to save the day. The confrontation leaves Brandon with a gash on his hand and Celeste’s full attention.

The encounter in the woods changes both Brandon and Celeste forever. Is there any truth to the Werewolf of Logan’s Run legend? And, more importantly, can two people from such different backgrounds find enough common ground to fall in love?

The verdict:

Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series is a big hit at my library with the tween set, and I know this one will be just as popular. Celeste is drastically different than Raven, but Once in a Full Moon has all the things that has made Vampire Kisses so popular: cute boys, romance, and things that go bump in the night.

What I like most about Once in a Full Moon is that there is a chapter entitled “Love and the Library.” (Hey, I’m a librarian. We eat stuff like that up.) What I like second most is the realistic portrayal of high school social structures and peer pressure. I think when most teens hear “peer pressure” they think drugs and sex, but this book shows how the opinions of friends often has a bearing on other actions.

As a librarian, I love having Schreiber’s books on my shelves. They’re my go-to recommendation for supernatural loving kids making the transition from middle grade novels to young adult. They have all the romance and horror these kids are looking for without the shock and blush factor of some other YA titles. Bottom line, Once in a Full Moon is a must have for any school or public library that caters to the late elementary to high school crowd.

Thanks to Miss Tammy for the guest review.  Tammy Blackwell is the Young Adult Services Coordinator for a public library system in Kentucky. When she's not reading, writing, or cataloging books, she's sleeping.  She is the author of the YA Novel Destiny Binds.