Interview with Ivy + Bean

Today on the blog Ivy and Bean answer questions from their biggest fan, Andrea ("Andy"), a third grader at my school.  Andy sent a letter to Ivy & Bean with some questions, and here is what they had to say.  

Hi Andrea,

Ivy says: We’re glad to know that you like the books about us.

Bean says:  Of course she likes them. Who wouldn’t like them?

Ivy: She’s asking us what books we like besides The Amazing Book of World Records.

Bean:  I don’t like any other books.

Ivy: Yes you do. You liked that book called The World of Weird: Unbelievable Animals.

Bean: Oh yeah. I did like that one.  And I liked that one about how to pan for gold. Even though I never found any gold.

Ivy:  I just read a great book called Penny Dreadful.

Bean: I like Brave Potatoes too!

Ivy: Now she asks whether we like being book characters.  Do you? 

Bean: I don’t care.  Annie Barrows comes around and sits in my backyard and asks us questions, and then she writes about us. It’s no big deal.

Ivy: Yeah, I guess I don’t really care either.  Annie’s okay, but I don’t know why watches us instead of anyone else.

Bean: And why she doesn’t just remember the things she did when she was a kid?

Ivy: Maybe she has a bad memory. She’s kind of old.

Bean: What’s the next question?

Ivy: Hobbies. What are our hobbies?

Bean: Horses.

Ivy: Really? You don’t have a horse.

Bean: Thinking about horses is my hobby.

Ivy: My hobby is cooking.

Bean: What do you cook?  I’ve never seen you cook.

Ivy: I made toast this morning. That’s cooking.

Bean: I like toast.

Ivy: Now she’s asking about secrets.  She says Ivy, does Bean have any secrets?’

Bean: You promised.

Ivy: I know. I won’t. I promised.  Then she says Bean, does Ivy have any secrets?

Bean: Yes, but I’ll never tell. Even if you hang me upside down over a pot of boiling oil, I’ll never ever tell, not even for a million, gazillion dollars.

Ivy: And besides, it didn’t turn on anyway.

Bean: Right. But I’ll never ever tell not even if they shoot me out of a cannon.

Ivy: Do you want to be in a fashion show book? That’s the next question.

Bean: Do I get to decide what to wear?

Ivy: No, you have to wear a dress. Do you  have a dress?

Bean: Nope. Guess I can’t be in the fashion show.

Ivy: And I have to wear pants.

Bean: You can borrow some of mine.

Ivy: Okay. Here’s her last question: Is there a continent that you both wish to travel to and why?

Bean: Easy-peasy. I want to go to Africa so I can see the cheetahs. They can run faster than any animal in the world.

Ivy: Okay, and then we’ll go to Antarctica, because hardly anyone goes there.

Bean: You want to see penguins?

Ivy: No, I want to see glaciers.

Bean: Okay. First Africa and then Antarctica.

Ivy: Bye, Andy.
Bean:  See you later, alligator.

Thank you to the wonderful, and talented Annie Barrows (author and creator of the Ivy and Bean Series) for taking time out of her busy schedule to make one 3rd grade student the happiest girl in the world.

Thank you Andy for creating all of the great questions for Ivy and Bean.  You rock!

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