Marvelous Middle Grade Monday - Babymouse #13: Cupcake Tycoon

Author/Illustrators:  Jennifer L. Holm, Matt Holm
Publisher: Random House (September 28, 2010)
Ages: 9 to 12 (independent readers as young as first grade will enjoy Babymouse)
Pages: 96
Source: Personal Copy

Description from GoodReads:
The word is out. Kids love Babymouse—star of the popular, award-winning, hilarious, PINK graphic-novel series showcasing the trials and tribulations of elementary school. The sassy mouse with attitude to spare has charmed her way into the hearts of kids, parents, and teachers everywhere! The series has won multiple Children’s Choice awards, and one title was the first graphic novel EVER to be named an ALA Notable Children’s Book.

It's champagne wishes and cupcake dreams for Babymouse in Cupcake Tycoon. The school library is having a fund-raiser, and Babymouse is determined to raise the most money and WIN the GRAND PRIZE! Or . . . er, to help the school! The competition is fierce, but Babymouse will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means outselling every last kid in school . . . including her nefarious nemesis, Felicia Furrypaws. The claws are out and the race is on in this absolutely PRICELESS Babymouse!

Last week of Marvelous Middle Grade Monday post, I reviewed Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm.  You can check out the review by clicking here.  I thought I would share with readers one of Jennifer's other creations - Babymouse.  Along with her brother Matt, this talented duo has created a graphic novel series that has middle graders wanting more.  

In the latest Babymouse installment - Cupcake Tycoon - we find our quirky and lovable protagonist raising funds for the school library.  Now we all understand that libraries need more funds and more books but of course in classic Babymouse style, she is sort of the reason why the library needs to raise money.  I won't give it away other than to say that her chronic (but enjoyable) daydreaming may be the cause of the problem.  Much to Babymouse's surprise the school fund-raiser is none other than CUPCAKES!!!  The student who sells the most cupcakes wins a surprise prize.  This sets in motion some friendly (and maybe not always friendly) competition between Babymouse and Felicia Furrypaws.  Will Felicia's well planned out and catchy sales campaign win or will Babymouse stumble upon just the right sales pitch?  Hilarity ensues and the reader is guaranteed to be a winner in the end.

I love Babymouse.  She is far from perfect.  Yet, she is someone that most children can relate with.  In Cupcake Tycoon, all of the regular characters are back, including that troublesome locker, her teacher who must wonder about all of her excuses, and the narrator.  Yes, the narrator that interacts with Babymouse and who often gives her a hard time.  Additionally, we get several glimpses at Babymouse's active fantasy life including Babymouse being the Lord of her own estate to an arm reaching down from heaven to whisk away a book to a daring adventure in Indiana Jones fashion.  

Though this is the 13th book in the Babymouse series, you don't necessarily need to read them in order.  And my guess is that many children don't.  They probably just grab the next book off of the shelf at the library.  However, consider yourself warned, if you do put a copy of Babymouse on your desk at school it will likely be taken/borrowed by the first student who spies it. 

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