March SOLSC Day 1 - #sol14

Today kicks off the Seventh Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  The goal is to WRITE! 
"Every day in March write a slice of life story on your blog."
I have decided to challenge myself to write more and not just a book review or another blog post but to write more creatively.  This is not a particularly easy task for me.  Even a short post can take an incredibly long time to write.  I relate well to students who stare at the blank piece of paper not knowing what to write and hoping that time will run out so that they can move onto something else.  When I have something that I am very passionate about or that is very real at the moment, I can often find the words I need to write about it.  In those moments, the words are easy to find and often my fingers fly across the keyboard trying to keep up with what is going on through my mind.  Even editing my words in those moments is not a struggle.

Yet, much of the time, words seem to escape me.  Writing reminds me a little of small talk.  Some individuals can talk about anything to anyone at anytime.  They seem at ease with chatting about little things and do not really even need the other person to contribute much to the conversation.  For me, spending time with someone I do not know or in a group of people trying to discover what we have in common can be pure torture.  I rack my brain to find questions or topics for discussion and often find silence.

At this point, I am just going to step up to the starting line and see where this month's journey leads me.  Some days the posts may be very short, and other days, the words may come.  Either way, I hope to discover words I never knew existed.