Celebrate This Week - Four Things I am Thankful For

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As part of my focus for the new year (I am refusing to say resolutions since I always break those), I would like to increase my attention to the many good things that happen, which are frequently overlooked by me.  To help me, I am joining Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week.

This week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in awhile.  I know that it is busy because I normally manage to stay on-top of my work email, but I wasn't able to this week. Since I am almost a bit OCD about work email, I am trying not to stress, but instead find ways to celebrate.

4 Things I am celebrating this week....

* Safe Travels - This past Sunday, I traveled from the east coast to my home in Southern California.  I was one of the lucky people who had no cancellations or significant delays with my flight.  We, also, had a very uneventful flight, which is just the way I like my air travel.

* Beautiful Weather - One of the things I love about Southern California is the winter weather.  It is chilly at night and usually sunny for at least part of the day.  Most days get up to the high 60's or low 70's.  Granted that might just be for a couple of hours but it does a lot for my overall mood.  

* Time with friends - I missed being able to hang with friends while I was away for the holidays. When I go home for the holidays, I spend most of my time with my parents and a few other family members.   Most people have so many family obligations that it is hard to connect with others.  Add in unpredictable weather and well, social visits seem to be out.  However, now that I am back in California, I do not have those excuses.  On Friday night, despite being tired from the week, I had a wonderful time hanging with some friends.  There was friends, food, books, lots of discussions that were all over the place, and it was just what I needed to close out a very busy week.  

*  Professional Presentations - This week, I did receive a couple of emails asking me about doing several presentations.  Since I am still confirming some of the presentations that are being scheduled, I am not sharing yet, but it is still exciting to have some opportunities to consider. 
What are you celebrating this week?