NCTE '13 Wrap-Up

In 2011, I attended my first NCTE convention in Chicago.  It was an amazing experience.  I learned so much and had such great conversations and the momentum started there kept me going for many months.  This year, NCTE was in Boston.  I was so looking forward to attending.  It would be the first time I also did a national presentation, and of course, I was so excited to see all my friends from the Nerdy Book Club.  Since I couldn't fit everything in this post, I am thankful to Franki Sibberson for doing a post that includes dozens of NCTE '13 rounds up posts.

My post is going to be part pictures and part tweets that I favorited.  I think I might have favorited several hundred tweets.  Thanks everyone who tweeted.  I felt connected to sessions I couldn't attend.

On my first day at NCTE, I went to an afternoon session with Kirby Larson, Barbara O'Connor, and Karen Cushman. I loved listening to them, and it was a great way to kick off the convention.

Kirby Larson

Barbara O'Connor

On Friday morning, I attended the Heinemann breakfast that honored Don Graves, who contributed amazing things to the world of teaching children to write. I had to laugh when I realized that I had Grave's first book, Writing: Teachers and Children at Work, in one of my Language Arts classes the year it came out. I will let you figure out the year. :-)  As the morning went on, I was awed to think about the amazing and rich history of educators from New Hampshire/New England that have made significant contributions to education.  And I never realized it when I was in teacher training in Keene, New Hampshire.

Late on Friday morning, I had the wonderful opportunity to do a presentation on Multicultural Literature with some fabulous teachers and authors: Cynthia Alaniz, Teresa Bunner, Christina Diaz Gonzalez, Matt de la Peña, and Mitalie Perkins.  It was so much fun, and people actually came. :-)

Thanks Jen Fountain for the following images:

At the end of the presentation, I had the special privilege to meet author, Lynda Mullay Hunt (One for the Murphys).  She came to our session.  I was so honored that she chose our panel.

While I was wondering around the Convention Center with Cindy Minnich, I ran into Holly Mueller.  It was great meeting her and others who participate in Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesdays.

And Friday night was wrapped up with the Nerdy Book Club gathering at the Sheraton. I ran into author Louise Borden along with many others.

And yes, I was excited to see Cynthia Alaniz and author/illustrator, Peter Brown, but I also got to meet Deb Frazier for the first time.

On Saturday, there were so many great sessions.  Yes, that is Nancie Atwell that I got to see at one session. She is awesome.

And everyone who attended the session led by Chris Lehman, Kate Roberts, and Maggie Roberts was thankful that another presenter swapped rooms.  Look at how crowded it was - we would have been a complete fire hazard in the other room.  This session on Close Reading should be shared with every school district.

On Sunday morning, I attended the Children's Literature Assembly's breakfast where Sy Montgomery did an impressive presentation on her book, The Tapis Scientist.

Afterwards, I attended the Scholastic Brunch where I got to hear about A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd.  You definitely need to add this one to your 2014 TBR pile.

Unfortunately, I missed this great session on Teachers Write.

 Following NCTE, a smaller group stayed on for ALAN.  When you arrive at ALAN, every participant receives a large box of books.  Thank you publishers for all these amazing titles, and for sending the authors to speak.

Thanks Jillian Heise for this great collage of photos.

There is so much more to share.  The inspiring conversations. The out of this world presenters and the professional development they offered. The friends, new and old.  If you can only pick one conference to attend during the year, may I recommend NCTE?