Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 7

I am not by nature an overall cheery person.  I tend to run serious, and even a bit more intense.  Often, I truly am puzzled by how some people can exhibit a genuinely happy and bubbly personality all the time and without apparent effort.    Since I am afraid that I am not able to change my temperament, all I can do is make a much more conscious effort to express my gratitude on a daily basis.  Hopefully then, it will become habit.  If nothing else, my "Thirty Days of Thanksgiving" posts, are making me more aware, each day, of the little things that I am thankful for. 

 Today, I could have easily overlooked all of these things, but glad that I had a chance to reflect on the day and identify some of the things that were special.  I was thankful for...

....completing 3 days of trainings that I have been leading for my district.

....for the 7 yro KK who asked on her own to read with me this evening (rather than be reminded to read).

....for the conversation I had with 12 yro Jax about why wolves still need to be on the "protected" list (she could lead the debate team on this one).

....for a new phone for the house that actually works.
....and since this is also picture book month, here is my daily picture book recommendation:

by Aaron Becker
Candlewick Press (August 6, 2013)

Check out the book trailer for JOURNEY:

What are you thankful for?