Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 5

Sometimes, I have moments when I cannot believe that I am living my own life.  Today, was one of those days.  I had the very amazing opportunity to spend several hours with Bill Thomson (CHALK, FOSSIL).  Look for my post on November 17th as part of the FOSSIL blog tour for more details.  We talked a lot about FOSSIL and even some about his next book. We stopped by KidSpace where I introduced him to Susan Cardosi-Albert, and then stopped in to see Maureen Palacios, owner of Once Upon a Bookstore on our way to dinner. 

I am truly thankful for the way books have led me on a journey to some fabulous people.

I am also thankful that my copy of READING IN THE WILD by Donalyn Miller arrived at my house today.  I can't wait to read it.

....and since this is also picture book month, I am taking a moment to wish Bill Thomson a Happy Book Birthday.  FOSSIL is now available.  Check out this fantastic book trailer for FOSSIL:

What are you thankful for?