Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 23

When I was in my undergraduate teacher training program, years ago, at Keene State College in New Hampshire, I really had no sense at how many wonderful educators were coming out of New England.  Individuals who would go on to influence generations of teachers with their work.  On Friday morning, I attended a breakfast hosted by Heinemann Publishers which paid tribute to the work of Donald Graves, and his influence in the area of teaching children to write.  Penny Kittle, Tom Newkirk, and Lucy Caulkins were a few of the individuals who spoke about Graves' influence on them as teachers. 

Today, I had a chance to attend a session presented by Nancie Atwell, and Linda Rief.  As I listened to these two powerful educators, I sat in awe at how truly a rich history New England has of producing phenomenal educators.  I am feeling very grateful to have had a chance these past few days to listen to just a few who have made a significant impact on the teaching of reading and writing in the past 30+ years.

...and in honor of Picture Book Month and children's writing, here is my recommendation:

by Abby Hanlon
Marshall Cavendish (August 2012)