The Adventures & Misadventures Middle Grade Tour Spotlights Kristen Kittscher

For the next several days, I will be highlighting the amazing authors on The Adventures and Misadventures Middle Grade Tour.  Today I feature - Kristen Kittscher.

My question for all the authors:
A fictionalized character of you (as a middle grader) will be the main character in a book.  What author would write the book and what would it be about?

Kristen answered: Lizzie K. Foley (REMARKABLE, Penguin, 2012) would write my story. Not unlike Foley’s remarkable (and remarkably funny) debut novel, it’d be about a seemingly normal girl who frequently finds herself amidst absurd situations and mysteries, which she solves with the help of her magical yet overenthusiastic dog.

Check out Kristen's debut book:

For more information about Kristen: website | facebook | twitter

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