International Dot Day 2013

Each year, I share information about the annual International Dot Day celebration and activities with teachers.  I hope that when a teacher sees the information and he or she will get excited about participating in this annual celebration.  This year, two teachers decided to join in.  On Friday, September 13th, I went up to Altadena Elementary to hang with Ms. Camargo's fourth graders and Ms. Major's kindergartenters as they celebrated Dot Day together.

These two great teachers paired their students together for the reading of Peter H. Reynold's book, The Dot.

Then the two classes paired together for a variety of activities to celebrate Reynold's book and it's message of creativity and collaboration. 

Enjoy the video of their Dot Day celebration!

Thank you Ms. Camargo and Ms. Major for running with this idea and sharing it with your students.