Book App Review: DINO-STORE

Author: Roger Sedarat
Illustrator: Trade Loeffler
Developer: Bluemarker LLC
Compatible:  iPad; iPhone 4 & 5; iOS 4.0 and later
Current Pricing: $1.99
Source: Purchased
Audience: Ages 3 to 5
Keywords: Dinosaurs, Counting, Humor

Description from the website:
See what happens to Leo and his family after they decide to buy the biggest eggs at the grocery store. Dino-Store is a fun new interactive storybook that is funny, creative, beautifully illustrated and filled with dino mischief surprises for kids to discover by touching the images on the screen. It’s a great little story to read at bedtime, in school, or anywhere!

My thoughts on this book app:

Book apps can range in complexity and levels of interactivity.  Dino-Store has two ways of enjoying it.  Children can experience it as a book by selecting the "read it myself" format.  The other format is a "follow along". A female narrator with a British accent reads the story.  Arrows on the bottom of each page allows readers to move forward or backwards.  There is no music accompanying the story.  There are several items that will move or react when the reader touches them.  However, there are no prompts to indicate which items move or react when touched.  There are also no prompts to click on the arrow to move the story to the next page.

Dino-store is a simple book app which I enjoyed.  Loeffler's illustrations are engaging and compliment the text  Whereas some book apps have too many "bells and whistles" which distract from the story, Dino-store provides readers with a humorous story and just enough interactivity. And for the price, this book app is just right for young readers.

In the story, Leo and his father go shopping for groceries.  While shopping, the two pick up a really big container of eggs.  Now the fun begins.

When the two get home, they get a surprise.  All twelve eggs have hatched and there are some adorable baby dinosaurs who are very hungry, and really cute.

Life with 12 baby dinosaurs can be exhausting.  The twist at the end of the story is both creative and satisfying.

Official book trailer:

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