School Visit - Fancy Nancy's Robin Preiss Glasser

Last school year, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Robin Preiss Glasser at Vroman's Bookstore.  We chatted and talked about her visiting my school for an illustrator visit.  This past February, I ran into Robin again at the SoCal Independent Bookseller's Association Literacy Dinner.  Over dinner, we reconnected and agreed to work out a time for a school visit.  Well, the wait was finally over this past Thursday.  I had the wonderful honor to host Robin at two of our Pasadena Unified School District Elementary Schools.

Robin kicked off the morning visiting 300+ Kindergarten to Second Graders at Willard Elementary.  I love her boa and tiara.

Kris (Once Upon a Time Bookstore) and Karen (Willard Librarian) organized all of the order forms for books at a very fancy table.  There were a lot of book orders. 

The kindergarteners were dressed up in some very fancy clothes. 

Robin taught the boys the proper way to bow. 

Then she proceeded to instruct the girls in how to curtsy.

The visit ended with a question and answer time. 

Next stop, Cleveland Elementary.  This was their first author/illustrator event.  Damaris Raya the school librarian welcomed some very excited little girls into the library to celebrate Fancy Nancy.

Here is Damaris with Robin.  I think this was a dream come true for Damaris.

Robin is fantastic at explaining her work with author Jane O'Connor, and how she is the boss of the pictures whereas Jane is the boss of the words.

Robin explained to students that she modeled Fancy Nancy's dog after her own dog Boo. 

Robin had the girls work on their posture by balancing a banana on their heads.  It was so cute.

Thank you Robin Preiss Glasser for coming and visiting Willard and Cleveland.  We loved our time with you.  And thanks to Harper Collins for sending bookmarks, and stickers to share with students.

I, also, want to thank Kris from Once Upon a Time for arranging for the book sales and for all the logistics that went into it.

Thank you everyone for giving such a wonderful experience to so many students!!!!