Book Review - Open This Little Book

Author: Jesse Klausmeier
Illustrator: Suzy Lee
Publisher: Chronicle Books (January 1, 2013)
Audience: Ages 4 to 7 years
Source: Copy for Review

Description from GoodReads:
What will you find when you open this little book? A fun story? Sweet characters? Enticing pictures? Yes! But much more. Open this book and you will find...another book...and another...and another. Debut author Jesse Klausmeier and master book creator Suzy Lee have combined their creative visions to craft a seemingly simple book about colors for the very youngest readers, an imaginative exploration of the art of book making for more sophisticated aficionados, and a charming story of friendship and the power of books for all.

My thoughts on this book:
Take a debut author with a creative book concept, mix in a skilled illustrator, and finish off with a publisher who gets  books that are not always mainstream (in size or concept) and you have a winner.  Delving into Klausmeier's debut picture book, Open This Little Book, was similar to opening a specially wrapped present that is just as special on the inside and is a win all the way to the end.

When I started to read, Open This Little Book, I expected a much more traditional story.  Instead I discovered the need to interact with the story by opening each book within a book.  Concepts such as colors, names of animals, and size are brought to life.  There is also a sense of coming full circle - first going from larger to smaller and then back and beyond.  Repetitive language assists younger readers to have success with reading the book, and also experience the comfort of a predictable pattern. 

If you haven't seen Open This Little Book at a local bookstore or library, please make sure that they order it.  You won't want to miss Klausmeier's debut picture book.        

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