Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday

The Nonfiction Detectives and I are hosting a Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge.  In looking back on my October Nonfiction Picture Book releases, I have missed a few titles.  Here is an update in the style of my "It's Monday! What are you reading post!"

Here are two that I overlooked but read and loved:

Harlem's Little Blackbird by Renée Watson; Illustrated by Christian Robinson - Really enjoyed this biographical story of Florence Mills.  Will add this to my Harlem Renaissance picture books.

Spirit Seeker: John Coltrane's Musical Journey by Gary Golio; Illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez - Amazing illustrations and Golio does a great job telling John Coltrane's story.  Enjoyed this one like I enjoyed his Jimi Hendrix picture book.

And here are two that were on my list that I enjoyed:

Noah Webster and His Words by Jeri Chase Ferris; Illustrated by Vincent X. Kirsch - great way of telling Webster's story and includes definitions throughout the story. 

Becoming a Ballerina: A Nutcracker Story by Lise Friedman; Photography Mary Dowdle- Definitely a book for 4th grade and up - perfect for those girls who dream of becoming a ballerina.