Author Event and Book Feature - Scribbles and Ink

Today I hopped in my car and drove all the way out to Mrs. Nelson's Bookstore in order to see author/illustrator, Ethan Long.  It was definitely worth the drive.

You may recall that I have mentioned several of his books on my blog:

Chamelia - This is a fun story that not only celebrates your individuality but also knowing when it might be good to "fit in". 

Up! Tall! And High!  - This is one of those simple stories that is seriously funny and makes for a great read aloud. 

and one of my absolute favorites - Scribbles and Ink

Here is Ethan reading Up! Tall! And High! to a group of children as part of story time at Mrs. Nelson's.

Ethan also read Soup for One, and here he is reading The Book That Zack Wrote.

After tracing the hand of a child, Ethan created it into a illustration that he autographed for the child.  Everyone there loved this part of the morning.

Though Ethan didn't read Scribbles and Ink, I want to share a few pictures from the book.  For as much as I love so many of his books, this is still my favorite. 

What a great odd couple - Ink (the mouse) and Scribbles (the cat).  They definitely have unique personalities.

And definite opinions about each others artwork.

What I truly loved about the book was the interactive quality of the story - even if it was Scribbles & Ink doing all of the work.

And it begins....

....and it ends!

I don't want to spoil this book, but there is a great spread that opens up and also connections to modern art.  I have been thinking for months about how I want to use this one with students in some kind of creative process but also to introduce some classic art pieces.  

Check out a video of Ethan drawing Scribbles & Ink:

Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse at Scribbles and Ink.  Look for this one or any of Ethan's books at your local library or pick one up at an independent Bookstore. 

For more information about Ethan Long:  blog | facebook