Hot Off the Press! (17)

Hot Off the Press is a weekly feature of picture books that are recent releases.  I base the post on my weekly visits to Vroman's Bookstore and browsing through their wall of new picture books.

Minette's Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat
Author: Susanna Reich

Illustrator:  Amy Bates
Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers
Audience: Ages 6 and up

An interesting selection of a narrator to help children learn about the famous chef, Julia Child.  This story is told from the perspective of Julia Child's cat, Minette.  It is set in Paris and tells of the early years of Child's journey to becoming a chef.  Of course, while Julia Child is whipping up these amazing feasts, Minette is totally preoccupied with the fresh catch of the day (a mouse).  The story does include additional features such as an author's note, bibliography, and actual quotes which can be used by older children.  Thanks to a note, I realized that this is in time for Julia Child's 100th birthday (August 15, 1912). 

Chloe, Instead
Author/Illustrator:  Micah Player
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Audience: Ages 4 and up

I am an older sister and reading Chloe, Instead was a humorous reminder of what it is like to have a younger sister who is nothing like you.  I remember multiple times when I asked myself how we ended up in the same family.  It might have taken me a bit longer to appreciate my younger sister than it takes Chloe, but this is a book that older and younger siblings will relate to and see themselves in the characters.  I really enjoyed the bright illustrations with the oversized features.  The book trailer does a nice job of giving you a taste for the story.
Check out the book trailer here:

How to Babysit a Grandpa
Author: Jean Reagan 
Illustrator:  Lee Wildish
Publisher: Random House
Audience: Ages 4 and up

I am so excited that this one is finally out.  I read this as an F & G (folded and gathered) back in November.  I have wanted to recommend it to people several times but always had to remind myself that it wasn't out yet.  And now it is finally here.  This is a fun story about how a grandfather comes over to babysit his grandson, but yet the grandson thinks he is the one in charge and gives tips to the reader about how to manage a grandparent when they come over.  Just a fun book and would make a good read aloud.  Additionally, it would be a good gift to a grandparent or from a grandparent. 

The Lonely Book
Author:  Kate Bernheimer
Illustrator: Chris Sheban
Publisher: Random House
Audience: Ages 4 and up

This picture book actually came out in February, but I didn't want to forget mentioning it.  (The Hot Off the Press Wall was just re-instated a few weeks ago.)  The first time I read this was as an F & G back in September.  It is a lovely story about a new book that at first receives all the attention, but over time becomes worn and lost.  One particularly child continues to search it out finally claiming it at the end. Beautiful story with gentle illustrations that compliment the text.  Any librarian, or book lover is going to like this one.