Book Review: Peepsqueak

Author/Illustrator:  Leslie Ann Clark
Publisher:  Harper Collins (January 24, 2012)
Source:  Copy for Review
Audience:  Preschool
Farm Animals * Fiction 

Description from  the Publisher:

As soon as little Peepsqueak bursts out of his shell, he is on the move!
He is determined to fly--high, High, High But is he too little to reach the sky?
Young children will love this debut from author-illustrator Leslie Ann Clark about Peepsqueak, a lively little chick who doesn't give up, no matter what.

My thoughts on the book:
When I read this book, it made me smile.  My favorite line was the repetitive line "He was on the move!"  And Peepsqueak was certainly on the move.  As someone who has worked with young children, this was one chick that reminded me of so many of the small children I knew.  They are up and down and all around just like this little chick.

Peepsqueak wants to fly and he isn't listening to the other farm animals.  He is determined and all attempts just make him try harder.  Finally, thanks to the help of an old gray goose, Peepsqueak just might find a way.  Of course, Peepsqueak doesn't stop there.

Peepsqueak works well as a read aloud.  The repetitive language and colorful illustrations will engage the younger audiences.  Before the end of the first read through, young children will be joining in with words like "up, up, up" and "down, down, down".

For primary classrooms that do units on chicks and hatching chicks, this would make for a fun tie-in.

Check out the book trailer:

For more information about Leslie Ann Clark, click here to go to her website.