Book Review: What Little Boys Are Made Of

Author/Illustrator: Robert Neubecker
Publisher: Balzer & Bray/Harper Collins (March 27, 2012)
Source:  Copy for Review
Audience:  Ages 4 to 7
Fiction * Imagination * Stories in Rhyme

Description from Publisher:

What are little boys made of? Moons and stars and rockets to Mars Wings and tails and dragons with scales Little boys are . . . as adventuresome and bold and heroic as they imagine they can be! Celebrate the exuberance of little boys in this playful spin on a classic nursery rhyme. 

My thoughts on the book:
Take one classic nursery rhyme, add some new verses, and stir in bright, imaginative illustrations and you have Neubecker's version of What Little Boys Are Made Of.

Though the text begins like the original version, Neubecker has added his own twist.
"What are little boys made of?
Moons and stars and rockets to Mars,
Blast and boom and uppity zoom!
That's what little boys are made of."
Accompanying Neubecker's words are two - two page spreads. The first spread shows a little boy playing in his room with a toy rocket and toy figurines.  Flip over the page and the reader sees what the child is imagining - in this case a ride into outer space in a spaceship.  The book follows in the manner showing first the playful antics of a child acting out his dress-up fun and then the scene from his imagination.  Neubecker ties it all together with the young boy in his mother's lap reading a dinosaur book.

This is one of those books that can be used as a read aloud, but will likely find a special audience between parent and child.  

For more information about author/illustrator, Robert Neubecker, click here to check out his blog.