World Read Aloud Day 2012

Yesterday the students and staff at San Rafael Elementary had an opportunity to celebrate reading and their right to read as they participated in a schoolwide Read Aloud activity.  According to Pam Allyn and her organization Lit World over 793 million people remain illiterate.  Lit World wants everyone to imagine a world where everyone can read.  By joining together to celebrate World Read Aloud Day, we demonstrate that the right to read and write belongs to everyone.

Thank you to Mr. Schu (@mrschureads) and MaryAnn Scheuer (@maryannscheuer) for skyping with a group of students at San Rafael.  We read aloud together, shared the NEA's Reader's Oath, and even listened to MaryAnn's students sing for us.

We also had the chance to Skype with Iza Trapani.  Kindergarteners at San Rafael not only got to hear Iza's new picture book, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, but listen to her sing the worlds to the story.  They had lots of questions for Iza too.

In the afternoon, the whole school gathered on the front lawn to read aloud.  Big kids read to little ones.  Teachers read to classes.  Heather Biggs from Scholastic Book Fairs dropped in to read to first graders.  Tanganica Turner from Assemblyman Anthony Portantino's office dropped by with a donation of dozens of books for our library and read to a couple of classes. 

Thanks everyone for a wonderful World Read Aloud Day!