The Crossroads Blog Tour Day 7: Interviews with Angie Frazier and Kiki Hamilton

We kick off Day 6 of the Crossroads Blog Tour with interviews from authors Angie Frazier (who is an alum of the same college that I attended - go KSC Owls!) and Kiki Hamilton.  Don't forget to check out The Crossroads Blog Tour Main Page daily for clues to answer questions and win a prize.

Creating a world in which a story is set into can be a challenge. What things do you take into consideration when creating that world?

I try and remind myself that helping the reader to see the world I’ve created is important, but to remember that the story and the characters are the real focus. Also I have to trust a reader’s imagination. I don’t need to cover absolutely every detail—the reader is going to use their imagination to fill in the blanks.

What was the most surprising thing that you discovered about one of your characters that you didn’t see coming? 

In THE ETERNAL SEA, the sequel to EVERLASTING, I was very surprised that Camille’s fiancé, Randall, developed into a great guy. I’d planned him to be kind of a jerk, but as I wrote his character he took on a whole new personality and I ended up loving him.

If you could spend the afternoon with your favorite author, who would it be and what would you do? 

There is this woman who demonstrates the proper uses and layers of Victorian age dresses and underthings by dressing in front of a crowd, piece by piece. It’s like a backward Victorian striptease with commentary on the clothing! I’d take Sarah MacLean with me and I’d try not to fangirl her all afternoon.

What is the one book that you wish you had written and why? 

I don’t know if I can honestly say I wish I’d written another author’s book. But I am reminded of the day not too long ago when my 7-year-old daughter asked, “Mommy, did you write Harry Potter?” I laughed and said no, to which she replied, “I wish you wrote Harry Potter.” To which I sighed and said, “Me too, kid. Me too.”

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What was the hardest part about doing research for your book?

Writing about a time that I can never visit. Though there are books and movies, it’s not the same as being there yourself.

Who was the most difficult character (from one of your books) for you to write and why? 

I wouldn’t call her ‘difficult’ but the most complicated character is definitely Larkin. She’s like an onion with some many layers. Interesting and complicated and intriguing – there’s a lot more to Larkin than was revealed in the first book.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer and what did you first write about?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I wrote short stories when I was a kid - I think one of them was called ‘Slimey and his Funny Friends - and poetry in high school. But then I went to college and got a job and never really had time. When Goblet of Fire came out, I read the first Harry Potter book and I was totally hooked. I read all four books in one week. That’s when I decided to write a story for my daughter and the madness set in…..

Was there a book as a child that you read which inspired you to be a writer and what book was it?

There were lots of books I loved when I was a kid. In high school, I would read three books a week. A lot of romance, I loved mysteries. Funny enough, I don’t remember reading that much fantasy, though. When I was younger, there were a couple of fantasies I loved: THE SWING IN THE SUMMER HOUSE by Jane Langton and THE WICKED ENCHANTMENT by Marg Benary-Isbet. I loved them enough that I tracked them down and bought a copy as an adult.

...Or What were your favorite books to read as a child? 

I read a wide variety of books. At that time, they didn’t have a ‘young adult’ section, so I often read adult books in high school. Usually mysteries and romance novels.

Thanks so much for having me over! xo Kiki

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