Bookstore Touring in Connecticut, Part 1

After following John's (@mrschureads on twitter) Adventures Out West '11 posts about all his great bookstore finds, I thought it would be fun to stop in at several indie bookstores in Connecticut while I was back east visiting my parents.  Now of course I don't have a travel buddy like Donna (@akgal68) who gets just as excited about books.  In my case, I traveled around with a loving but reluctant sister who tried not to cringe every time I pulled out my camera.  

Thanks to the New England Independent Bookseller Association Website I had a place to start.  My first Literary Adventure started with the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculptured Garden in Springfield, MA.

Of course, I had to sit in the famous "Oh, the places you'll go" seat.
Let me just nearly 100 degree weather that chair is hot, hot, hot! 

Dr. Seuss with the Cat in the Hat!

On our way back home, we stopped at The Alphabet Garden in Cheshire, CT.

It is a small store with a great selection of books.  I found some of my favorites.
Marty McGuire by Kate Messner
Chicken Butt by Erica Perl
Finally, I could have sat in this great chair and read for a couple of hours but my ride would have left without me. :-)

Finishing up the day, we had to stop at my favorite Italian Ice Shop - Rita's in Southington, CT.

This is a once a year treat and I got my favorite - watermelon and cantaloup (which is hidden below the watermelon).  It is made from real fruit so it is especially yummy!!!