World Read Aloud Day - Still Time To Join In

If you haven't heard, this Wednesday March 9, 2011 is WORLD READ ALOUD DAY (WRAD).  Litworld is taking action to support global literacy.  Anyone and everyone can join in on the fun and support literacy at the same time.  Check out Litworld's webpage for ideas, ways to donate, or just to learn more about the movement. 

If you are on Twitter, follow them @litworldsays #litworld

It has been very exciting seeing authors offer to skype with schools and read aloud a story.  Schools in different states are connecting to do joint Read Aloud activities to celebrate. 

Some great people to follow who have been promoting World Read Aloud Day:

@mrschureads - teacher/librarian in Illinois
@shannonmiller - teacher/librarian in Iowa

So it is not too late...sign-up, and join in on all the fun.