Valentine's Week: Fictional Crushes

On Monday, we heard about some fictional YA heroes - thanks Sophie.  Miss Tammy stopped by on Tuesday to share with us her favorite hot boys with accents.  Wednesday brought us "bad boys with heart" thanks to Janelle.  So today, I am sharing my top five YA fictional crushes (boy was this hard...I had to leave off Sam from Shiver, Pietr from 13 to Life, Zach from Shadow Hills, Spill from Restoring Harmony, and Max from 13 to Life).

About a year ago, I remember having a conversation with one of my students after she finished reading Beautiful Creatures by Garcia & Stohl.  I admitted to her that I had a crush on Ethan.  Her shocked and confused look made me nearly choke on my laughter.  She just couldn't imagine how or why her principal would be having a crush on some character in a book, but really if you spend any time on Twitter the topic of fictional crushes will come up.  I'm in good company. (Please note -all my real life crushes have been age appropriate.) 

There is something fun when an author can write a character that makes your heart skip a beat when he enters a scene or when you want to be the female main character so that it will be you that he is looking at with those smoldering eyes.

So what is it that attracts a girl to her fictional crush...well, I can't speak for anyone else but here is what makes me swoon for a guy (and to have all these qualities - well let me just say - I need a minute to catch my breath)....

He's not necessarily the most popular guy in high school.

# 5 Cabel from Wake/Fade/Gone by Lisa McMann - Cabel was certainly not the most popular guy in Janie's High School.  You might actually say he is an outcast.  However, there was something about Cablel that made me fall for him completely.  It might be the way that he was always looking out for Janie and would even have a snack for her for after one of her dream experiences.  Yep, my guy knows what a girl needs even if she doesn't.

He isn't who you think he is. 

# 4 Carter from Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender - I expected Carter to be a bit of a jerk.  I really wasn't planning on falling for him at all.  However, he turns out to be nothing like I expected and he really cares about Alexis and wants to help her.  So much so that he can't be detoured.  There was so not enough of Carter in book 1.  Dear Katie Alender: Please make sure there is more of Carter in book 2.  Thanks, Me.

He's smart and likes books.  

# 3 Ethan from Beautiful Creatures/Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl - Right from the start one of the things that caught my eye about Ethan Waite (yah, aside from good looks and an accent and ability to meld thoughts with Lena) was the fact that he loved reading and books - even if he didn't want to let the others know.  Plus his mother had been a librarian. 

He's strong yet sensitive and equally matched. 

# 2 Po from Graceling by Kristen Cashore - Katsa is one tough heroine but I want to say to her "Step aside if you don't want to marry him, I will." ;-)  Katsa would never have been able to be in a relationship with a man that she could completely boss around.  Po was a great match for her.  He was strong, a great fighter, and very much her equal.  Yet, despite his practice/training fights with Katsa, he also knew how to be gentle with her and bring out different sides to her.

He is devoted and protective (in a good way). 

# 1 Chen Yong from Silver Phoenix/Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon - I am crazy about Chen Yong.  If I had a check list for things I am looking for in a guy, he would probably get a 100% rating.  How can he not...he is smart, good looking, strong, sensitive, and always coming to Ai Ling's rescue. Heck, even the most independent girl still likes it when a guy is looking out for her and comes to her rescue.  Ai Ling isn't easy to protect.  She is very spirited and determined.  However, Chen Yong was really always there for her. 

Now that I shared with you my top 5 crushes...why don't you tell me yours?