The Crossroads Tour: Day 8 Joy Preble

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Today's guest for the Crossroads Tour is author Joy Preble. Her second book in the Dreaming Anastasia Series, Haunted, will be out in January 2011.

Tell us about your most embarrassing/funny/scary Halloween experience or costume?

Well, the funniest was in college when my then boyfriend (and now husband) and I double dated to a Halloween party as hookers and their pimps. The scariest was when I was nine and a friend and I got trapped in an elevator while trick or treating. I grew up in Chicago in a mostly high rise building
neighborhood, so trick or treating was a bit different; you’d gain access (usually by ringing a bunch of bells and hoping someone would buzz you in) to the building, then ride up and down to each floor and knock on all the doors. One building on our block was a 1920’s vintage building about 11 stories high.
It had one of those old fashioned elevators – real tiny and claustrophobic feeling. Somewhere between floors five and six, the thing just creaked to a stop. Nothing. Nada. And then it zoomed up to the top floor, but the door didn’t open. Then it zoomed down (by now we were screaming!) and finally came to stop back at the fifth floor, but when the doors opened we were about half a foot above the floor and we had to jump out! That was seriously the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me on Halloween. At least that’s the scariest thing, I plan on sharing.

Thanks Joy for sharing with us your Halloween story.  

For more information about Joy Preble, check out her website:

You can find Joy on twitter: @joypreble