Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge: What am I reading?

Piles! I seem to have quite a few piles of books to read through lately. However this past weekend, I carved out some time to sit down and catch up on some reading. I forget how reading is restorative. Here are some of the books from my nonfiction pile.


Dog Days of History: The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends by Sarah Albee (National Geographic Kids, March 27, 2018) - Though I am admittedly a cat fan, I still enjoyed this book about the history of dogs. Definitely will be a hit with dog and animal lovers. Wonder when Sarah might write a version about cats? Hint, hint! 


The Monarchs are Missing: A Butterfly Mystery by Rebecca E. Hirsch (Millbrook Press, January 1, 2018) - I am always interested in how scientists work to solve mysteries in nature. Hirsch looks at the decrease in the number of Monarch Butterflies. 


Dig In! 12 Easy Gardening Projects Using Kitchen Scraps by Kari A Cornell (Millbrook Press, January 1, 2018) - As soon as I started to read this book, I thought about how fun the activities would be for summer break. I also loved that there are recipes along with the gardening projects. 


Rodent Rascals: From Tiny to Tremendous - 21 Clever Creatures At Their Actual Size by Roxie Munro (Holiday House, February 2018) - A survey book with a focus on all different kinds of rodents. A straightforward read but readers will be certain to find something new or interesting.


A Mammal is an Animal by Lizzy Rockwell (Holiday House 2018) - A look at how not all animals are mammals. 


Ranger Rick: I wish I were a Gorilla by Jennifer Bove (HarperCollins, January 2, 2018) - An early reader that helps beginning readers to understand the life of gorillas. 

Look for these titles at your independent bookstore or community library. 

Artwork by Sarah S. Brannen ©2017

Artwork by Sarah S. Brannen ©2017

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