#Road2Reading Challenge: Animal Planet Chapter Books

I have had these books in my "TBR" pile for awhile and after reading through them decided that they fit better for the #Road2Reading Challenge than my nonfiction challenge. So here goes....


Puppy Rescue Riddle (Animal Planet Adventure Chapter Book #3) by Catherine Nichols (Time Inc., September 5, 2017)


Zoo Camp Puzzle (Animal Planet Adventure Chapter Book #4) by Gail Herman (Time Inc., September 5, 2017)

My thoughts on the Adventure books
Though Animal Planet/Time Inc. have labeled their Adventure Chapter Books "nonfiction", I like to refer to these books as a blend of fiction and nonfiction.  Each book is approximately 112 pages with about ten pages and geared for a high second grade to third grade reading and interest level. The books contain a story (the fiction part of the book) which is separated from the nonfiction portion of the book by the use of illustrations. The books do intersperse related nonfiction text and text features such as photographs, labels, facts, lists and more throughout the book. There is a lot going on with these chapter books and some children may select to read the story and then go back through the nonfiction pages separately. Others may choose to look at all of the nonfiction text and features and then dive into the story. Either way, the book offers something for all young readers. 


Bugs! Amazing Animal Facts (Book #3) by James Buckley (Time Inc., June 13, 2017) 

Quick thought on the Amazing Animal Facts Books:
Bugs! is similar in size, length of pages, and chapters as the Adventure series. However, the books are full of fabulous facts and photographs and more. Whereas, the adventure books above may be more accessible for slightly younger readers, the expository text in the animal facts series is a bit denser and can skew upward in reading difficulty allowing the age span to range from third to fifth grade. 


Look for these and other titles at your local indie bookstore or community library. 


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