Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: What are you reading?

Recently, I have been attempting to track down a few books I missed in 2015 but really wanted to read. Here are a few titles that I finally got my hands on and a couple of upcoming titles. 

Catching up on books missed in 2015:

Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine by Laurie Wallmark; Illustrated by April Chu (Creston Books, October 2015) - There are not enough books showing the influential thinking of woman in the world of mathematics.  Lovelace was truly ahead of her time in how she could envision the use of mathematic algorithms and their application. Add this title to your STEM collection. 

The Fantastic Ferris Wheel: The Story of Inventor George Ferris by Betsy Harvey Kraft; Illustrated by Steven Salerno (Henry Holt, October 2015) - Another strong book to add to a STEM collection. Shows the determination of George Ferris and the strength of his invention.
Pair with: Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Gibbs Davis; Illustrated by Gilbert Ford (HMH Books for Young Readers, 2014)

Moon Bears by Mark Newman (Henry Holt, November 2015) - Information and facts about moon bears are shared in connection to rescued moon bears. 
Pair with: Moon Bear by Brenda Z. Guiberson; Illustrated by Ed Young (Henry Holt, 2010)

We Dig Worms! Toon Books by Kevin McCloskey (Toon Books, April 2015) - Worms on a very basic level for beginning readers. 
Pair with: Yucky Worms by Vivian French; Illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg (Candlewick Press, 2010)

Books from 2016:

Their Great Gift: Courage, Sacrifice, and Hope in a New Land by John Coy (Carolrhoda, March 1, 2016) - Simple text and photographs combine to show the courage and sacrifices of immigrants.

Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass by Dean Robbins; Illustrated by Sean Qualls & Selina Alko (Orchard Books, January 5, 2016) - Another picture book story about the friendship of Anthony and Douglass. Definitely want to pair this one with Friends for Freedom.
Pair with: Friends for Freedom: The Story of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass by Suzanne Buckingham Slade (Charlesbridge, 2014)

So, what are you reading?

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