Gift Ideas for Book Lovers, Part 3: Gifts that Share a Message

For the past couple weeks, I've shared lists of gift ideas for book lovers. The series continues (and comes to an end) with more recommendations.

The holiday season is upon us, and that means not only gift-giving but also gift-purchasing; here are some great gift ideas gifts for the book lover in your life (in no particular order):

Mugs (and other crockery):

For Jane Austen fans: I'd Rather Be At Pemberley Mug from Etsy and  To Sip in the Shade Mug (covered with quotes from the beloved author) from Modcloth. 

This simple black mug would be a great gift for Edgar Allan Poe fans. Nevermore mug from Etsy.


Mugs can be an important form of communication for some (we all know someone that absolutely needs their coffee before anyone can approach), so these mugs are perfect for those of us who really just want to be left alone (but don't want to have to interact enough to tell others to go away). Go Away I'm Reading mug and Introverting Today mug (both from Etsy).

 Another mug with a great message - Stack of Books mug from Etsy. 

The Literary Audiences Only mug (from Modcloth) would make a great gift for those who appreciate a wide variety of literary fiction. 

For the copy editor(s) in your life - Gourmet Grammarian Plate set from Modcloth. 

A teapot...that's a bunch of books. Just as amazing as it sounds. The 'Poetry Books' Teapot, from Etsy (more similar here).


This gorgeous watercolor pillow can be customized with text from the poem or book of your choice. Abstract Watercolor Poem Pillow, from Etsy. 

Super adorable book pillows, available from Think Geek. Holiday book pillows also available. 

It may not be a billboard, but this Book Club Cozy pillow in Jay is one way to have the eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg on you. 

Posters & Wall Decor:

These Library Card posters are available for lots of children's novels and classics. Peter Pan poster and Anne of Green Gables poster, both available from Etsy (more library card posters available here). 

Fotor Created full text posters.jpg

Full text posters of classics - yep, that is the entirety of the text of Walden in one poster. Walden poster, Pride and Prejudice Poster, and Wuthering Heights poster, all available from Etsy (more available here). 

Note - I personally think these would be awesome to have in an English classroom. Kid doesn't bring a book for silent reading? Make them stand up by the wall and read. 

For the Jane Austen fan in your life, this Jane Austen Quote poster (from Etsy) contains numerous words of wisdom from the venerated author. 

This whimsical Mad Hatter poster (from Etsy) is available as a download - no shipping required. 

A lovely print from Le Petit Prince (the Little Prince), one of my favorite children's books. Available form Etsy.  

Wood 'Read' Sign from Etsy - perfect for a desk or up on a wall. 


...and a super-awesome t-shirt that I didn't see until now (which is why it's only in this article, not the first). Come check it out tee for women and for men (from Modcloth). 

I hope that these recommendations have been helpful, and happy holiday shopping! May your days be filled with friends, family, and books. - Carolyn