Birthday Books!

My birthday was last week, and since my friends and family know me quite well, I received lots of books. Here are some of my favorites of those, in no particular order, as well some I'm planning to order (yay for gift cards to local independent bookstores!):

Ruin and Rising

The conclusion of the Grisha Series, Ruin and Rising was a superb read. It was hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful series, but the fact that it was so well-executed certainly eased the pain. No spoilers, but Leigh Bardugo may have just written the most satisfying (if not the most perfect) ending I've ever read.

Night Circus

After hearing raving reviews of Night Circus, I was thrilled to receive a copy for my birthday and thoroughly entranced when I read it. Every single component, from the fantastical nature of the circus itself to the secrets of those involved in it, created a completely magical and enchanting story.

The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition

I already have a very, very beat-up copy of The Hobbit, but it was lovely to receive a beautifully illustrated copy. I've read the Hobbit so many times, and I so look forward to experiencing such a beloved story in a new way (although I think I'll wait until after the last Hobbit movie has been released to reread the Hobbit...).

Fairest - audiobook

Fairest is one of my favorite fantasy books. Since most of the plot revolves around singing (the fictitious country the book is set in, Kyrria, is obsessed with singing), I've always felt that simply reading the text doesn't quite fully encapsulate the story. To my utter delight, a close friend of mine informed me that the audiobook for Fairest has every song actually set to music and sung aloud. Yep, everything that's supposed to be sung is actually sung. I'm eagerly anticipating being able to listen to the audiobook.

So We Read On


The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time (and F Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors). I'm excited to read So We Read On, which explores the different components of the Great Gatsby and the varying influences on the classic novel. My grandpa actually recommended it to me, which makes me very excited – my grandfather has excellent taste in books.  

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to all the books I've received, it feels like my birthday hasn't ended at all.