Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild Blog Tour and Giveaway

Peter Brown
ISBN: 9780316200639
Audience: Ages 4 to 8 years old

Description from Little, Brown:
Are you bored with being so proper?

Do you want to have more fun?

Mr. Tiger knows exactly how you feel. So he decides to go wild.

But does he go too far?

From Caldecott Honor artist Peter Brown comes a story that shows there's a time and place for everything...even going wild.

About the author/illustrator:
Peter Brown is the author and illustrator of many bestselling children's books, including Children Make Terrible Pets and The Curious Garden. He is the recipient of a Caldecott Honor for Creepy Carrots!, two E.B. White Read Aloud Awards, a New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book award, and a Children's Choice Award for Illustrator of the Year. Peter's website is www.peterbrownstudio.com

Artwork by Peter Brown ©2013

What Mr. Tiger Goes Wild inspires me to do:
I'm a big fan of Peter Brown's books and so excited to be celebrating Peter's newest book, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild.  I had a chance to see a copy of this book at ALA's Annual Conference in June and fell in love with it.  I have already placed this one on my Mock Caldecott list.  I would love to see a shiny medal on this book come January 2014.  

As part of the tour, I was asked to write about a time that "I went wild".  I stopped and thought, and thought some more and I realized that I do not really like to do anything too wild.  Probably one of the wildest things I have done is to decided to move 3,000 miles away from New England to Southern California.  But that isn't really wild. Some people move all the time.  So, then I thought some more, and a little more.

Last week, the wildest thing I did was to submit a proposal to present at IBBY's 34th International Congress in Mexico City in September 2014.  For those of you who travel outside of the United States regularly this may not be a big deal, but I don't venture out as much.  I spoke with a colleague of mine and asked her if she would join me.  Aside from the fact that she speaks fluent Spanish (a definite plus on a trip like this), I know that she will push me beyond my comfort zone.

Here's to celebrating Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and may we all do something a little wild today.

Important Details about the Blog Tour and Giveaway:
To celebrate the release of Peter Brown's Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, we have a blog tour scavenger hunt for you! Visit all the blogs listed below to collect 7 letters/characters. Unscramble the letters/characters to unlock the secret phrase. Each blog is giving away three copies of Mr. Tiger Goes Wild courtesy of Little, Brown Books and Jen Vincent at Teach Mentor Texts has a Mr. Tiger Goes Wild prize pack to give away. 

Collect all 7 letters/characters by stopping at each blog.  Here is one letter for you:

Stop by each blog to collect all of the letters/images needed to win a special prize pack on Teach Mentor Texts.

Franki at A Year of Reading
Jen at Reederama
Katherine at Read, Write, Reflect
Laura at LibLaura5
Colby at SharpRead 

To enter the giveaway, you must have an US mailing address (no P.O. Boxes please).  You must be 13 years old or older to enter.  Thank you to Little, Brown for providing copies of Mr. Tiger Goes Wild for the giveaway.  There will be three winners picked, and each winner will receive a hardcover of Mr. Tiger Goes Wild.
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  1. I never go wild. Never. Especially not when I see a new tub of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.

  2. It is pretty wild to present in Mexico-hope it doesn't have to be all in Spanish! Thanks for the blog tour & giving some more love to this book!

  3. Tales of a BookwormSeptember 3, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    I went wild at summer camp - running around with friends in the woods!

  4. I've planned to go wild...stay tuned!

  5. Haven't really gone wild . . . yet. ;-)

  6. I think this story will have lots of connections for kids. So far, I've noticed most teachers are not that wild. Here's to being wild and crazy at least once.

  7. Gone wild? I have a 15 month old. Every night at dinner we are all wild.

  8. I was very shy in school. One mid-morning my name got called among many to go down to the school office. It turned out that our parent(s) had sent a check in for tuition past the due date. There was this weird rule that around finals, you needed to get your payment in certified funds if they were late, or the student couldn't take exams. At any rate, that morning, my mother had come to me while I was brushing my teeth and told me that I was not to take the check back or I shouldn't come home. So I was forced to take a stand when the woman at the office tried to give me back my mother's check. I stormed down the hallway, my face 10-shades of red. Everyone around me was shocked. I am still not sure where I found the courage.

  9. Chris - Wow! What a story...glad you found the courage.

  10. Most teachers seem to be rule followers in my experience. :-) Maybe we need to go a little crazier once in awhile.

  11. I used to have a long commute to work (90+ minutes each way.) One day I decided that I would explore a different route to work each day for a month. I discovered shops and restaurants and gas stations that I would have missed had I just stuck to the freeway. I eventually managed to find a combination of roads that cut my commute time by about 10 minutes. To me, going wild is exploring the world around me.

  12. Racking my brain, but can't think of any wild times. Could it be that they were So wild I don't even remember?

  13. I tend to go wild with my books. I have over 1500 books in my classroom library. Most people think it is wonderful, but a little nuts! Personally, I love it!

  14. I'm not really a wild sort of person, except when it comes to books and horses. I have a crazy number of books. So many that I don't have enough shelves for them all.

  15. I'm going to have to used the same wild activity I used on other blogs on tour. I have been scuba diving in a lake where the visibility was very limited. That felt wild because I didn't know what "wild" creature may be following me!
    I love Peter Brown's books. I have read everyone and would love to win a copy!

  16. Sounds like you could learn a lesson from Jon Klassen's rabbit...although things don't turn out that well for him...

  17. Presenting at IBBY sounds awesome! That seems like it would be a great trip. I've only ever been to Canada and Italy...and it's been a while since I did that. I love that just doing something differently than others - something that others might perceive as wild even though it's might not be all that crazy - can still be going wild like Mr. Tiger. I think just submitting a proposal to present is something that not everyone is comfortable doing or even entertaining as a thought. Best wishes! I hope you get selected. :)

  18. I'm definitely not a wild child, but I would agree that moving 3,000 miles from home to SoCal is a wild moment. After college, my dad and I drove my U-Haul out to the Mojave Desert. I didn't know a soul. Ok, I knew one soul -- my new boss. It was definitely a wild moment.

  19. To borrow from Judy SIerra, I get Wild About Books!