Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Off the Press! - 7/29/12

Hot Off the Press is fairly regular feature focusing on picture books that are recent releases.  I usually base the post on my weekly visits to Vroman's Bookstore or Mrs. Nelson's Bookstore in LaVerne.  The following titles can be found at either bookstore.

Here are some of the new picture book releases out in the wild....

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hill (Random House, July 24, 2012) - If you loved How Rocket Learned to Read, you will enjoy this sequel. 

Random House has put together several resources to accompany this book.  Click here to check out several downloads. 

The Night Rider by Matt Furie (McSweeney's McMullen, August 7, 2012) - This wordless picture book is a bit of a dream journey in full color. 
Click here to get an inside look at the book.   

ABC ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland - This gets the cuteness vote of the week.

For fans of really cute baby animals, ZooBorns has their own website, and has put out a board book version, early readers, e-book, an app and more. 

Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives by Gene Barretta (Henry Holt, July 17, 2012) - I was eagerly awaiting this one and it didn't disappoint.  My review is coming this week.


  1. ZooBorns looks adorable. Baby zoo animals just might make my brain melt from cuteness.

    And I totally want to check out The Night Riders. I kind of love wordless picture books.

    Thanks for keeping me up to date!

    1. ZooBorns definitely wins the cuteness award. Enjoy reading The Night Riders.